Karate Benefits

We know that being healthy requires getting a good night’s sleep, maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in an active lifestyle.

Yet every day, we struggle to do what is right for our bodies due to a variety of hurdles and obstacles.

With our stressful and time-crunched lives, it’s difficult to wind down and get enough sleep. In the case of food, we often sacrifice health for convenience. And, instead of engaging in physical activities, we spend too much of our leisure time in front of a computer or TV screen.

In short, we understand what it takes to be healthy, but we don’t always rise to the challenge of doing what’s needed in order to achieve and maintain good health.

Here are just some of the proven benefits Karate has to offer:

  • Better sleep
  • Better concentration
  • Improved emotional health
  • Improved heart health
  • Improved self image
  • Stronger immune system
  • Greater strength and flexibility
  • Healthier weight

Take a look at how fitness effects some of the common adult body complaints.

Heart disease
One of the most effective killers in our society today. Not only does Karate prevent heart problems, but having a lifestyle that lacks physical activity is an added risk factor.

Karate training lowers blood pressure and helps to control cholesterol levels. Staying active also decreases the fat in our abdomen that has been proven to be another risk factor of heart disease. It has been shown time and time again that people who exercise regularly after their first heart attack live longer than those who do not.

Asthma attacks
Partially preventable with regular Karate training. Activities that require long periods of exertion are often not tolerated well by asthmatics. But, regular Karate classes, working at a comfortable pace, can keep an asthmatic individual more in the swing of things so there’s a lower frequency of attacks.

The impact of Karate on the bones helps to guard against osteoporosis. If an individual is sedentary their whole life, they have a far greater chance of developing bone density issues. But, with the resistance and weight bearing that occurs during exercise, bones maintain their strength.

Healthy weight
Karate training is one of the primary keys to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. It burns lots of calories and helps ensure that your body’s natural regulatory eating signals are working as they should.

Bottom line — Karate classes are good for you. In fact, Time magazine (A to Z Health Guide, 2004) called regular exercise: “one of the closest things to a magic bullet that modern health care has to offer.”

Let’s look at why a lot of physiologists and psychologists view Karate as the best type of exercise you can get.

First, we need to dispel the myth that Karate classes are just for kids. In fact, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than one third of martial arts students are adults.

The reality is that Karate is great for both children and adults – 20 somethings to the elderly.

Here are the five reasons why Karate is the best fitness program for adults:

  • Total body workout: Karate is a high-aerobic workout that uses every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve through martial arts.
  • Stress relief: In Karate you get to kick, punch and scream, which is a great stress release no matter what your age. In addition, the ancient practices of Karate have a calming affect that melts the stress away.
  • Reach and maintain your healthy weight: Due to the total-body nature of a Karate workout, tons of calories are burned during every class. However, you’ll also find that your natural eating signals become better regulated so food cravings will disappear and you’ll eat less as a result.
  • Learn self-defence skills: Unlike any other form of exercise, with Karate you learn potentially life-saving self-defence skills at the same time you are getting in shape.
  • Better self confidence: This reason tops the list. Due to the goal setting, positive encouragement and respect for values that are part of Kyokushin Karate programs, the greatest benefit usually reported by students is greater self confidence. You become more comfortable in all situations – whether you’re in danger or simply doing a task that takes you beyond your comfort zone.

Here are some other important points about Karate

If you are concerned that Karate places a great amount of emphasis on sparring or fighting, you don’t have to worry. Karate places little to no emphasis on violence, but stresses the importance of discipline and respect.

Instead of competition against others, the focus of Karate tends to be competition with one’s self. Since respect is a huge aspect of martial arts, heckling and name calling is discouraged, rendering this a great option for anyone insecure about his or her current level of fitness who would like improve to their body image and health.

Best of all, classes are individualized, so don’t worry if you’re not in the same physical condition you were at age 18. Adults participate at their own fitness level while progressing in skill and technique.

When participating as a family, martial arts provides a unique opportunity for sharing in a non-competitive fun activity. Plus, parents have the opportunity to reinforce the life lessons taught in class at home.

Karate isn’t for everybody, but it might be right for you.

To learn more about Karate and to determine if it’s the right physical activity for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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